NGR - Next Generation Rubber

The effective & green natural/synthetic rubber alternative. NGR can replace up to 15% of NR/SR in tire compounds & up to 100% in various rubber products reducing production costs without any loss of quality.
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Next Generation Devulcanizer

Next Generation Devulcanizer is used to uncouple the sulphur cross links in the polymer chain of vulcanized crumb.

Our Innovative Next Generation Devulcanizer plays the pivotal role in creation of  NGR - Next Generation Rubber. 
The process is a mechano-chemical reaction in nature, in that it requires [...]

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NGR Tire Recycling Plant

Ready-to-use Eco-friendly tire recycling plants with NGR rubber as an output product.

The parter will get:
Ready to use plant with all necccesarry equipment (please request the list).
The license to use our patented technoloy used in the plant.
Territorail exclusivity in [...]

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